Friday, July 16, 2010

Across The Board Crochet Pattern Booklet

I recently got back from the Crochet Guild of America's national Chain Link Conference in Manchester, NH. There was a lot happening, and I'll write about all the wonderful events in future posts. But in this one, I want to tell you about something I'm really proud of - the new pattern booklet from the CGOA Board of Directors that we presented for the very first time at the conference. It's called "Across the Board Crochet: Original designs from your CGOA Board of Directors". The seven members of the board each donated one of their designs for this booklet, which will be available for download only, to new and renewing members of the Crochet Guild. This is the cover of the book:

And this is the pattern I contributed. It's a tote bag, of course! :-)

This is the second booklet from the CGOA Board. The first, which was offered last year to new and renewing members, is retired now. These booklets are especially dear to my heart - because not only did I contribute an original pattern to each, I helped tech edit both of them, and I edited both of them.

If you want to know more about joining CGOA so you can get this booklet free, go to the CGOA web site. The information should be available in early August.

Oh - the Board Members are:
Carol ALexander (Vice President of COGA, editor Crochet! Magazine)
Cari Clement (Caron Yarns)
Marty Miller (me - President of CGOA, Emerald Isle Designs)
Jane Rimmer
Amy Shelton (Treasurer of CGOA, Crochetville)
Barbara Van Elsen
Karen Whooley (Secretary of CGOA, KRW Knitwear)