Sunday, September 23, 2012

There is No Such Thing as Too Many Crocheted Totes

There is no such thing as too many totes. And, no such thing as too many crocheted totes. That's why my first book for Leisure Arts was all about (Crocheted) Totes for All Reasons. Check it out here - it's even available as a download. Totes for All Reasons - download, and Totes for All Reasons, book. This is the image on the cover:

But those are not the only totes I've ever designed. No, not at all. I have been designing totes for years. Whenever I come across some nice cotton yarn, or wool yarn that I can felt, or another sturdy fiber, I think "Tote!" Sometimes I challenge myself - what can I make with just one skein of the yarn? The "One Skein" tote, in my above mentioned book, came from that challenge. I had one skein of the yarn, and about 1 1/2 hours to ride in the car. I made the prototype of that tote. Here's a picture of it: 
One Skein Tote

Sometimes I challenge myself - I hate to weave in ends, so how can I incorporate the ends into the tote so that it doesn't look like I hate to weave in ends? I have a tote for that (you'll have to wait to see a picture). 
Another challenge - use a stitch that I'm going to teach at a workshop or class. This Tunisian Tote has been a big hit!
Tunisian Tote

Here's another tote, with Linked stitches:
At the Beach Bag

Another challenge - how can I use Granny Squares in a unique way?
Not Your Granny's Tote #3

Sometimes, I just want to name the tote after the place where I designed it. 
Salty Sheep Tote (a great yarn shop in Swansboro, NC)

Or, I just want to play with some easy stitches - and see what happens. This tote is great for carrying yarn, patterns, even groceries. It expands, because of the chains, but it is still solid, and won't stretch out of shape, because of the single crochets.
Market Tote

And now the good news! All these patterns are available for instant download from Crochetville. Here's the link to my patterns, and more:
Marty Miller's patterns at Crochetville

So if you agree with me - there is no such thing as too many crocheted totes - go to my page at Crochetville, and get started.
Keep checking that page, because I'll be putting up more patterns (including more totes) in the near future.

And when you make one of my totes, please post pictures. I would love to see what you crochet!