Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Chain Link Conference in Reno, Sept.2012

I can't believe it's almost September. And that means that the Crochet Guild of America's Knit and Crochet Show (held in conjunction with The Knitting Guild - TKGA) is almost here. (We call it Chain Link for short.)  I am so excited! I have never been to Reno - and I'm looking forward to that. Plus, I'm looking forward to teaching my classes, meeting my students (if they're new to my classes), presenting at Professional Development Day, seeing all my friends that I don't get to see unless we're at a conference like this, and everything else that goes on at these conferences. (What happens in Reno stays in Reno!) 
I've been busy this summer, tech editing some books and patterns, designing patterns for some books and magazines, and it seems like time has just slipped away from me. But - I am finally finished with the other stuff, and I can concentrate now on getting things ready for my classes. The handouts are done, the samples are done. Now I just have to finish some sweaters and vests for me to wear to my classes and during the whole conference. The sweaters  and vests I am working on will be wearable samples for my classes. They will show off the stitch patterns, or the various concepts that I'm teaching. I was working on one today, and left it piled up on my table, with my crochet hook in the yarn so I'll remember what hook I used. Here's a picture of it:

Notice the color of the crochet hook matches the color of the yarn! (I planned it that way!) Does this picture intrigue you? Do you want to know what those funny looking stitches are? All you have to do is take my Linked Stitches/Extended Stitches class at Chain Link. 
And if you want to learn how to never have to work into a Foundation Chain again, you should take my class Foundation Stitches 101 - the Basics. You'll learn how to work the chain AND the first row of stitches AT THE SAME TIME! Never again will you have to chain a gazillion, and then work back into it, finding out at the end that you don't have enough chains. Some of my past students said that this class changed their lives! It could happen to you, too. 
You can also take my class on Post Stitches - Everything You Should Know About Post Stitches - in one 3 hour class. Or learn how to write a crochet pattern so that others can work from your pattern without any problem, in my Crochet Pattern Writing Class.  Or learn how to figure out how much yarn you need, or what size to make that afghan so that it looks good, or how to make pleasing stripes without being boring. In other words, how to use some math (don't worry, I'll keep it simple) in your crochet. That class is called Crochet by the Numbers.  There is still room in all my classes, but they fill up fast, so if you're going to Chain Link, sign up for them before August 27 - don't wait until the conference. And if you're NOT going to Chain LInk, why aren't you?
Hope to see you there!!!!

To see all the classes offered, and register on-line, go to:
Chain Link Conference