Sunday, March 6, 2016

Classic Crochet Blankets - 18 Timeless Patterns to Keep You Warm

I live in what most people think is the South, (I know thought it was the South before I moved here many years ago), but it's not far enough south to escape the cold winters. And this winter seems to be extra cold. All I want to do is sit by the fireplace and crochet warm afghans. So when I was asked to review a new book of afghans by Interweave Crochet, Interweave Presents Classic Crochet Blankets, 18 Timeless Patterns to Keep You Warm, I jumped right on it. Just what I needed!!  And if you're like me, it's just what you need, too!

Let me tell you what's inside: 4 patterns by Kristin Omdahl, 3 patterns by Ellen Gormley, 2 patterns by Bonnie Barker, 1 pattern by Doris Chan, 1 pattern by Kathy Merrick, 1 pattern by Marly Bird, 1 pattern by Maryse Roudier, 1 pattern by Leigh Radford, 1 pattern by Kathie Eng, 1 pattern by Sarah London,  1 pattern by Tammy Hildebrand, and 1 pattern by Mari Lynn Patrick. 
They all use a variety of yarns: 12 use worsted weight (#4), 4 use Dk light (#3), and 2 use sport weight fine (#2). So no matter what yarn weight you like to work with, you'll have choices!
The book goes beyond the afghans, though. It describes optional edgings you can use - with directions. And all the patterns have stitch diagrams that help explain the stitches and stitch patterns. But more than that, at the end of the book is a tutorial on how to read stitch diagrams. 
These are some of the patterns that tickled my fancy:

Kaleidoscope Afghan by Tammy Hildebrand

Dots + Dashes Blanket by Ellen Gormley

Exploded Pineapple Afghan by Doris Chan

Behrens Colorblock Afghan by Leigh Radford

Chevron Bedspread by Kathie Eng

Granny Sofa Blanket by Sarah London

And the cover afghan - Moroccan Tile Afghan by Kristin Omdahl

Another thing that's nice about many of these afghans (the ones pictured here, and more in the book) - they're made with motifs, so you can crochet them with scrap yarns. It's a great way to use up your stash, have something nice that you crocheted, and make room for more stash!!! :-)

To find out more about this book, and to order it, here's the link:

Post a comment and let me know what you like to crochet when it's so cold outside! And if you do crochet one of these blankets, I would love to see it.