Saturday, April 21, 2007

What this blog is all about

I decided to start a blog today about some of my favorite things that have to do with crochet. I love to play with stitch patterns - finding old ones in my collection of old crochet books - and making up new ones to use in my designs. I also love swatching with yarns that are new to me, and yarns that I have used before. I thought perhaps other crocheters and yarnies would enjoy reading about my efforts, seeing pictures of my swatches, and finding out some of the characteristics about these yarns. I also thought that perhaps they would like to swatch along with me (SAL). So this is my goal - swatch, swatch, swatch. And report my efforts to this blog.

I have an ulterior motive in doing this. In July, at the Knit and Crochet Show in New Hampshire, I am teaching a couple of classes where I can use these swatches.

I will try to post some pictures and comments this weekend.

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AnneB> aka Red883 said...

Congrats! on your new blog Marty! Glad to see it and I will be dropping in often. Hope you don't mind that I added your blog link to mine...Anne