Friday, June 1, 2007


I just arrived at TNNA in Columbus - and can't wait to see all the new yarns that the yarn companies will be showing! I've been swatching with some new yarns lately - new to me, and new to the market - and I'll be looking for others and I'll be posting about the yarns soon.
We drove to Columbus - about 8 hours in the car - and of course I used the time to crochet. (No, I wasn't driving!) I worked on a sweater, and a couple of other little projects. Got a lot done, and the time went quickly. Once we got here, we caught up with some friends, other designers, had dinner, and talked until the wee hours. I have a class to go to tomorrow - I love taking classes when I can. I'm usually teaching classes at the CGOA conferences, and don't have time to take any there, so it's a real treat for me to take another designer's class. I always learn something!

The market opens on Saturday - so I'll be posting about the new yarns after that!

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Amie said...

Hope you're having a great time!