Sunday, February 17, 2008

Wooden Crochet Hook

A friend of mine, who is a retired Oral Surgeon, is studying woodworking in school now. One night at dinner, I kiddingly suggested that he start making wooden crochet hooks. (I do that with everyone I know who works with wood. I'm trying to find my own personal supplier of wooden hooks!) I just happened to have one of my favorite sizes in my purse (you never know when you will need one), so when he said he would consider it because they needed small projects to work on for a certain class, I pulled out my Susan Bates N hook, and gave it to him. (I have many more at home!) A few weeks passed, and I kinda forgot about it. Then, recently, he "gifted" me with his finished project. I was flabbergasted! And thrilled! And even excited!

It is a great hook - smooth and lightweight. I love it - and the best part is, he's making more!

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Tami said...

OMG that hook looks fabulous - nice and simple, with a handy thumb rest. What a dear friend to have made that for you. Would your friend share tips on how he made it, particularly the hook? I can't seem to find simple, well-balanced wooden hooks without slick varnish or elaborate turnings. Yours looks perfect!