Sunday, March 30, 2008

Quick Stitch Crochet again

Remember the cover I posted for the book Quick Stitch Crochet on Feb. 23, 2008? I saw the cover on Amazon's listing for the book, and I was so thrilled that my patterns were featured on it. Today, however, Carol M. sent me a message that she got her copy of the book, and that wasn't the cover. But - what was on the cover was another of my designs - an afghan. Of course, I forgot what afghan I designed for this book, so I had to search the web to see it. I found it on Annie's Attic, and here is the new cover:

The book is available now at Annie's Attic or Amazon.

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Knitting Jenny said...

Congratulations Marty!
It must be really satisfying to have one of your designs ON THE COVER!!! All the best to you!