Friday, January 23, 2009

The KnitKit (for Crochet, too)

I don't know about you - but I am constantly looking for my crochet tools - my scissors, stitch markers, tape measure, and everything else I like to keep with me. They keep falling down to the bottom of my crochet bag. And I would dearly love to pack some in my purse (I already have a bunch of crochet hooks, just in case I see a yarn that I HAVE to try!). But, until now, I just didn't want to put ANOTHER organizer in my purse, to get mixed up with all the other organizers I already have for everything. Really! Enough is enough! But, I just came back from TNNA - the National Needlearts trade show, in warm San Diego, and saw a product there that I absolutely MUST have. (By the way, I left San Diego and the temperature must have been near 80 degrees. When I arrived home, I saw from the plane that it was snowing! And when I walked out, I realized that it was cold! What a shock to my system!)
But, back to this product that I covet! It's called the KnitKit, and you can probably get it from your local yarn shop really soon, because it was the big hit of the TNNA show! Everyone was talking about it! Barbara Berry, who created this, introduced herself to us when she saw us crocheting and knitting in public at our hotel. She told us how and why she came up with this - it was because she was always looking for her knitting stuff, and wanted one place to keep everything. As soon as we saw the KnitKit, we knew it would be a hit!
Here's a picture of it:

You can also check out their web site: theKnitKit

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Tamika said...

wow! This is really a neat little gadget. I will be looking for it in stores in my area. Thanks for sharing.