Tuesday, March 10, 2009

New Issue of Crochet! Magazine

No - I don't have it yet! BUT - the pictures of the projects are here: Crochet!.
And the very first picture is my project - a bandanna bag.

I started crocheting with bandannas because my husband and I had a bunch of them from our days of hiking and canoeing and kayaking and camping. I even had some bandannas with my son's name on them - I guess he took them to camp. I found all of these one day when I was cleaning out a cabinet full of old clothes. The bandannas were soft and worn; we didn't need them anymore, but I didn't want to give them away. Too much history involved with them. So - I washed them, and cut them into strips, and started crocheting. I had many different colors, and I crocheted with them randomly. I made a great big basket - of course, as with any stashbuster project that's worth it's salt, I had to buy more bandannas to finish it! :-)

The bandanna bag that's in Crochet! is a new design - worked in bandannas of one color. New bandannas. :-)
By the way, one word of warning - crocheting with bandannas can be VERY addicting.

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