Tuesday, September 1, 2009

It doesn't really matter how many times you see one of your patterns in print - even if the same pattern has been offered in a magazine, and then as a downloadable pattern. When you see it again, in a new venue, it's exciting. That's how I felt this week, when I found 2 of my patterns in places I didn't expect. Yesterday, I saw my Granny Square Shrink Vest in the on-line newsletter from Crochet! magazine, as a free pattern! Click here to get the pattern. Remember those "Shrink" vests that were so popular in the '70s? Those vests were my inspiration for this one. I made it in Lion Brand Suede, but any bulky weight yarn would work as well.
Here's a picture:

The next surprise I had this week was when I took a trip to my local bookstore, and found the Fall 2009 issue of Crochet! magazine. It's a special issue, for the holiday season, full of quick projects to make for gifts. I opened it up, and found this:

It's one of my favorite hats that I designed, with one of my favorite stitch patterns. And two interesting things about these two patterns - they are both worked in the same yarn - Lion Brand Suede, and, they both look like spiderwebs. So - they can be made as a set! What a great present to give someone special!


Laura said...

Marty that's so cool! Why do you think they call it a "Shrink" vest? I have never heard that term tho I had some granny square vests in the 70's.

Marty Miller said...

I think they were called "shrink" vests because they were supposed to fit tightly - looking like they shrank. I think! :-)