Tuesday, January 14, 2014

CROCHET WRAPS: Every Which Way - by Tammy Hildebrand
Your wishes come true!

If you could have a book filled with Crochet lessons, what would you want in it? I know what I would want. I have been crocheting since I was 5 years old. And I have been a professional designer/teacher for approximately the last 14 years, although I did design and sell a line of puppets way before that. But, even though I am a designer, a teacher, a tech editor, etc., etc., etc., I don't know everything about crochet. I still can learn different techniques that I haven't quite mastered. I probably have tried almost everything in the crochet world. Well, maybe not thread crochet with anything thinner than #10 threads. But, most everything else. That doesn't mean, though, that I feel competent in all techniques. I know how to join motifs "as you go", and I know a lot of ways to do it. I have one favorite way, but that doesn't work on all motifs. So I'm always looking for other "join-as-you-go" methods. I've tried Hairpin Lace and Broomstick Lace, too, but never quite got the hang of those two crochet techniques. Maybe I just didn't practice enough, because I didn't have any patterns that excited me using those techniques. Well, that's all changed now, because of one book – the book that I know you all have been looking for – the book by Tammy Hildebrand, called "Crochet Wraps: Every Which Way".

Tammy (who is a good friend of mine, by the way) is a fantastic designer! (And I would say that even if she weren't a friend.) In this book, she has 18 wraps in 6 different techniques – traditional crochet, motifs, hairpin lace, broomstick lace, Tunisian  crochet, and double-ended crochet (which is a variation of regular Tunisian crochet). For each technique, she has an easy pattern, an intermediate  pattern, and an experienced level pattern. What a great idea! The crocheter (you) can start with the first pattern (easy) in the technique, and work yourself up to the next level (intermediate), and then, finally, you'll be ready for the last level, experienced. By the time you are done, you will know a lot of the ins and outs of the technique. And have 3 fabulous shawls, in addition!

I think I'll have to start with Broomstick Lace. I really like the three shawls – 

                                                              Ardeona Lace


and Chica Mala

– that Tammy designed using this technique. The last one, Chica Mala, is a bunch of motifs, worked in the round, like a circle, then joined "as you go", so I'll be practicing two techniques when I make that one. And then, who knows, maybe I'll use Broomstick Lace in one of my designs! And that will be all thanks to Tammy, and her great book. By the way, it has wonderful pictures for each step of each technique, even traditional crochet. You can check out the pictures in the book here:

And before you ruin your computer keyboard (with all your slobbering over the patterns), go to:

to order it. You won't be sorry!!!

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Thanks for the review.
There are two motiff pieces I really want to try. The b45934425ook is on my wish list now.