Wednesday, July 6, 2016


Sometimes I think I sound like a broken record - but here I go again: Sharon Silverman has done it again! This time, though, it's not a book. It's a video class from Annie's - 
Learn to Crochet Ripples.

 If you've never taken an on-line class before, what are you waiting for? You get to see the actual stitches as they are worked. And it's close-up. If you missed something the first time you watched, or just want to see it done again, you can replay the video for 30 seconds, 60 seconds, or 90 seconds, so you can watch a particular technique until you get it! You can also hit the rewind button, and replay however much you want. You have access to the class forever, so you can watch it where ever and whenever you want. As many times as you want. You can ask the teacher questions, and she'll answer you. And you can stop the class at any time, and pick up where you stopped it the next time you want to watch it. And in her class, Sharon is very thorough - giving you hints and tips along the way. She seems to be talking directly to you, and it feels like she wants you to have a good experience in her class. 

So, what will you learn in this class? Sharon shows you 5 different ways to create ripples, in 5 different patterns. In your class materials, which you can download, you get patterns for a ripple dishcloth, a ripple scarf, a ripple tote, a ripple cowl, and a different kind of ripple blanket. And there are 5 different ways to make the ripples. The patterns include stitch diagrams, with the pattern stitch repeat marked. So if you like one ripple stitch pattern, but want to make something different than what is shown, you can. (You might like the stitch pattern for the purse, but want to make a scarf with it, or you might like the stitch pattern for the cowl, but want to make a shawl with it, or you might like the stitch pattern for the blanket, but want to make a scarf with it - you can do all of this.) The stitch pattern diagrams will show you how many chains you need for each stitch pattern repetition, so you can figure out how many chains you'll need to begin, if you're going to change up the pattern. (And Sharon even tells you not to worry if you have too many chains. She shows you a great tip to get rid of those extra chains.) This is one of my favorite aspects of good books and videos – you can take the basic info (like the stitch patterns and the stitch multiples) and use them to crochet something else. So you're not only getting a pattern book (or video project class in this case), you're getting a stitch dictionary.

These are the patterns that Sharon has in her class:

Blue Waves Washcloth

Lavender & Lilac Scarf

Go-To Ripple Tote

Peekaboo Cowl

Happy Waves Toddler Blanket

If you want to know more about ripples (or chevrons, as they're sometimes called) this class will also give you many methods of making them - each pattern uses a different technique - back loop only, working in the round, color work, and openwork ripples. And you'll learn various ways to make the ripples - increasing and decreasing, or working stitches of different heights to create waves. You'll learn how to make ripples that are aligned or offset. And, finally, if you just want to learn the techniques, but not work all the patterns, you don't have to. Annie's states: 

"You can take any class without making the projects. Class skills can be learned by working with materials you have on hand to make swatches, blocks or small samples."
 In fact, Sharon does that herself in class. She shows the techniques on smaller samples when the actual design is larger. 

Now here's the good news. Annie's has given me a way to give you all a chance to win this class - yes, for free. As a thank you for reading my review. Just leave me a comment about what you would create with ripples, and make sure that I can contact you by leaving me your email address. (Don't worry, your email won't get published - I can remove it from your post before I publish the comment.) I'll do a random drawing for the lucky winner on Monday, July 18. So you'll have time to leave the comment. 

And if you crochet something from Sharon's class, I would love to see a picture!

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