Monday, November 26, 2007

Finger Crochet

Whenever a designer sees one of their patterns published in a book or magazine, it is a special thrill! I know it's that way for me, and I would imagine it's that way for every one else who designs. The only thing better than seeing YOUR design published, is seeing your granddaughter's first design published! And that's what is in the new Crochet! magazine, Jan.2008 edition. My granddaughter (11 years old at the time she designed her scarf, now 12) and I collaborated on an article and her pattern for a finger-crocheted scarf that is currently featured in Crochet! Did I tell you how proud I am of her? If you are interested in teaching a young child how to crochet, try teaching the finger crochet method first. You can make many simple things - and this scarf is just perfect for this winter! Check the magazine out at your local newsstands, and learn how to finger crochet!


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I loved the story, it is wonderful you are passing on a tradition. -Pam