Monday, November 5, 2007

Granny Square Jacket

One of the problems I find with having patterns published in magazines is that after the magazine goes off the newsstand, if someone wants that pattern, it could be difficult to find. I have this happen many times. My students see me wear a garment I designed. They want to make it. It was published in a magazine that is no longer available in the stores. I can't give them the pattern; I can just tell them which magazine it was in, and offer some suggestions about where to find it. One of my most popular patterns with my students is my "Decadent Denim Jacket" that was published in Crochet! magazine last year. I just discovered it's available at . This is as exciting as seeing the pattern in the magazine for the first time!

I have worked this jacket in lots of different yarns, and many colors. It's easy to do, (it's just different size Granny Squares) and I get so many complements when I wear one! I am thrilled that the pattern is available on-line!

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altobarb said...

This is one reason I think it's best not to sell designs to folks who buy all rights. If you'd sold only first rights, you could sell or distribute your pattern as you pleased.