Sunday, December 9, 2007

more from the Orlando Needlework Show

Even though what happens in Orlando stays in Orlando, I had to share this photo with you. Just to show you that Vashti does wear her chaps everyday, not just on the runway! This was taken on Saturday, at the CGOA/TKGA booth. We were checking out the marketplace, one more time, in case we missed anything! (And, we did find some things we missed!) We stopped at the booth to talk to some potential members of CGOA. Check out Vashti's blog ( to see her modeling these chaps in the CGOA Chain Link fashion show in New Hampshire. (If you notice the mannequin in the background - her arms make a great yarn winder, when you're desperate!)

I finally felted the entrelac crochet basket I made in Darla Fantan's class. I worked it in Noro Kureyon, so I didn't have to change colors! :-) I liked the way it turned out, and I definitely will use this technique again.

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Vashti Braha said...

Your bag turned out great! The felter in me would like to see how mine would felt, so I think I'll tell Kalli that if it doesn't work out as a hat for her, we can always felt it.

Now, about those chaps. Although what happened in Orlando stays there, I just want to fill in a teensy gap in your story--the one where it was you who urged me to wear them around all day. :-)