Saturday, February 26, 2011

Crochet Today! The Ultimate Blankets Handbook

I have been crocheting for umpteen years - and designing for just about that long, too. And I still am thrilled when I see a pattern of mine in a publication.  I tend to remember how easy, or difficult, it was to come up with the design and then to crochet it and write the pattern. I remember how many ends I had to weave in, and any finishing steps I had to take (sewing on a handle to a purse, putting a lining in a crocheted sleeping bag, and then sewing in the zipper, etc.) It's as if I were taking a walk down memory lane when I see my patterns published. Last week I saw the new issue of Crochet Today! The Ultimate Blankets Handbook at the book store, and had to look inside to see if they republished any of my patterns. And I saw that they did! Four patterns - afghans - that I really like. Here are pictures of them:

Big Love Blanket

Green Dream Throw

Homework Blanket

And Single-Skein Blankie

When I first started designing for publications, I never thought that I would enjoy designing afghans as much as I do! I like to see what I can do with different stitch patterns. Or figure out how many ends I have to weave in. When I design an afghan I find that I often push myself to do something or design something that I've never done before. I like to work with motifs, figuring out different ways to join them, and I like to work with solid pieces. I like few ends to weave in, but I like the bragging rights when I have hundreds of ends to weave in. I like to make the motifs when I'm riding the recumbent bike, or riding in the car. I like designing afghans in the winter - they keep me warm while I'm crocheting them. I like designing afghans in the summer - I think of how cuddly they'll be in the winter. I guess I just like designing afghans.

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