Sunday, March 20, 2011

Tunisian Crochet Wrap

One of my favorite techniques in crochet is Tunisian crochet. It used to be popular in the 60s and 70s, and probably even earlier than that. It's coming back now with a vengeance! And the great thing about it is that there are so many techniques and patterns and stitches to discover with Tunisian. One of my first efforts at bringing Tunisian crochet back to the masses is now a free pattern at Caron Connections. Check it out, and see for yourself how easy Tunisian crochet is - even if you are a beginning crocheter, or mostly a knitter. I like to say that Tunisian crochet is a marriage between Crocheting and Knitting. You use one hook, but you load stitches onto that hook like in Knitting, and then work them off.
I'll be teaching two different Tunisian classes at TNNA (The National Needlework Association) trade show in Columbus in June. Come see me and learn so much more about Tunisian crochet.
Here's the link to my pattern at Caron Connections.


Charlotte said...

I have tried Tunisian crochet and have found it too slow for me. It makes beautiful afghans, but it's not for me.

Marty Miller said...

The more you do it, the faster you get. You could try larger hooks, and stitches other than TSS. Also, try to do a shawl or scarf with lacy stitches. You'll see how fast you can go!
But, if that's not for you, that's okay. We all can't like everything.

Karin said...

Thanks so much for this pattern. I got interested in Tunisian recently, partly because I read it can be done with one hand, and I'll have to wear a sling for several weeks after an operation. Just made a start with this pattern so I can continue after the operation.