Saturday, October 27, 2007


One of the most difficult aspects of being a designer is letting go of your design! It's sometimes as bad as seeing your youngest child go off to college. You go through "empty nest" feelings! Sometimes, you know the design will come back - and the feeling is only temporary. But, sometimes, the design doesn't return. The company keeps it. And you never get to see it again. That's what I went through with this design. And that's why I was pleasantly surprised when I found my "loopy" jacket up for auction for the Rwanda Knits Project ( I designed this for a fashion show, and sent it off to Caron Yarns, not knowing what would happen after that. Then I found out that the pattern was going to be published in a fall issue of Family Circle Easy Knit and Crochet magazine. It would be my first design in a magazine. Later that year, when I found the magazine in the bookstore, I looked through it, not realizing that this was the issue. So when I saw my jacket, I really screamed! Luckily, it was a slow afternoon, and not too many people were around to hear me! I bought the magazine, and when I saw it in another bookstore, I bought it again. And again! (Can't have too many copies! And I soon discovered that the picture was on the subscription card, too!) So I had pictures of the jacket, but not THE jacket.
When I discovered the auction, I knew I was going to bid on it. How could I not? And so, I did. And guess what - I won it! So now my jacket is coming home!

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