Thursday, November 6, 2008

That Crochet Dude does it again

I was in Houston last week for 3 events - the International Quilt Exposition, a workshop I was teaching at Yarntopia in Katy, Texas (more on that later), and ...... the launch of the Crochet Dude's new book, Designs for Guys. I've been waiting impatiently for the book to be published, because I wanted to make some of the sweaters in there for ME! But when I was visiting with the Dude, he started crocheting one of the hats that he designed. He told me that you can use any yarn, and any size hook that works with the yarn. And, because I had a single skein of some fabulous yarn that I purchased during one of our field trips to local Houston yarn shops, I thought I would also crochet that hat. I used bulky yarn (I don't have my info with me now - and I don't have a picture of the hat yet, but I'll add all the info and a picture when I get home from my teaching road trip), and I made the hat longer. It didn't take me long, even though I was influenced by some wine, and it may just become my favorite hat this winter. So just because the book says Designs for Men doesn't mean, ladies, that we can't make these designs for ourselves. There is a belt in there that I am going to make for me (and my husband may get one, too) and a hoodie that is just speaking my name. If you want to see a picture of the hats that the Dude has made so far, check out his blog:
The Crochet Dude, and then click on the above picture of the book to get more info and reviews of the book.

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